TRACER (Short Film - 2014) by Ian Roche

TRACER (Short Film - 2014)

We finally released our film TRACER! This is the first project released by LEAN (My collaboration with cinematographer Luke Hanlein). It's been burning a hole in our pockets so to speak, so it's a great feeling to finally get it out there.

For this project, I served as a co-director, with Luke. This was a very grassroots projects and we both served as Producers, Writers, Cinematographers, Directors...everything but actors. 

Out little team was amazing and everyone worked for next to nothing (or nothing at all) and worked like maniacs none the less. 

Huge thanks to:

Christine Yuan and Gabriella Lynn for being wonderful actors.

Skylar Wilson (Asst. Camera) and Mikey Feser (Sound Recording) for coming out and helping us handle production side

Erik Magnus for sound design

Bradley W Johnson and Eli Woodhall for help with editing

Sean Harrington at Never-Not Co. in Richmond, VA for putting together a website for us. (

Personal Update by Ian Roche

Since I've been slacking pretty hard on my site, I feel like I should go ahead and do some updating to let everyone know what I've been up to.

Here's the three things I've got going on right now that are pretty important moments in my life.


August (Short Film)

Written and Directed by Ian Roche (ME duh.)

Cinematography and Co-Written by Luke Hanlein

August is the tale of a woman's exploration through death and what lies after. Set in civil-war era Appalachia, it depicts a young woman living in her own personal purgatory and her struggle to find her path to freedom. 

We shot this movie on location in Southern West Virginia and Eastern Maryland. 
Luke is a childhood friend of mine and this is our first production together. It's pretty insane and I can't wait until I can show it to the world. Being my first movie, it's been a pretty long and arduous process to get this thing done. There have been a TON of learning experiences and challenges along the way. To be honest, I don't even know where to start, so I'm not going to go into it at this point. 

Estimated Completion: Spring 2014

Here's a production still from our shoot. 

Production Photo by Vincent Ricardel

Production still from the Short Film August (2014) Photo by Vincent Ricardel

Production still from the Short Film August (2014)
Photo by Vincent Ricardel



Tracer (Short Film)

Tracer is a short film, co-created by myself and Luke Hanlein

Tracer is set in the deserted and derelict remains of the once glamorous Salton Sea in Southern California. It tells the story of a confused relationship between two young women, filled with the wild ups and downs of two forbidden lovers on the run. 

Currently Tracer is being submitted to various international film festivals but will have an internet release in the near future!

Tracer Short Film (2014)

Tracer Short Film (2014)


#ArtYardsDC Murals Documentary

The #ArtYardsDC Murals Project is a large scale mural exhibition helmed by Kelly Towles, a DC based street artist. With assistance from Morgan West of Panda Head, they have organized international artists (Jasper Wong and DabsMyla) to come and collaborate on an ex-CIA building to bring DC the largest street art exhibition to date. At 6 stories, these murals are the largest that any of these artists have ever worked on and the largest that the city has ever seen. I am in the process of documenting this project. 

Estimated Completion: Early 2014

Photo of Jasper Wong and Kelly Towles collaboration mural from #ArtYardsDC Mural Project.   

Photo of Jasper Wong and Kelly Towles collaboration mural from #ArtYardsDC Mural Project.


Japan Trip Oct-Nov 2013 by Ian Roche

A few weeks ago I set out on a last-minute trip to Japan with a couple of great friends of mine. I hadn't been to Asia in over 10 years and it felt like a long overdue trip that I sorely needed. The timing wasn't great but as I always do, I said "fuck it" and went anyways. 

I've never been a huge proponent of traveling from behind a camera lens. I know what you're thinking, as a photographer you'd think I want to just take photos of everything. Honestly though, I feel like doing that kind of takes the essence out of exploring and enjoying a new country. That said, I still tried to take as many pictures as possible. 

Here's the resulting gallery, most of the shots were taken on my Canon 6d and a handful are iPhone 5 shots. 

You can shuffle through the gallery by clicking the first photo here or if you'd like, you can navigate over to the gallery by clicking the link to the left (Sometimes I Travel: Japan 2013)