Holy Bones @ Sunrise Shred Service (Tokyo // 2018)
ASTRO \\ 11.2018
Kelly Towles X ZO

Secret Walls, the world’s largest live art-battle, comes to Washington DC for the first time.

Revisiting SCOUT: Kelly Towles restores his first large scale mural in Washington DC

Short video for artist Kelly Towles as he restores his first large-scale mural, marking the 10 year anniversary of his career as a muralist.

PERSPECTIVES // Conversations with artists at Pow! Wow! Washington DC 2018

May 2018.

I spent two weeks with the visiting artists at Pow! Wow! Washington DC. An international mural festival with the goal of spreading art and creativity, Pow! Wow! DC brought together an eclectic group of artists.
This piece is a collection of some of the conversations that we had over the course of the festival

HOLY BONES // James Bullough for AVA NoMa

A sit down with Berlin based Artist James Bullough as he paints his largest mural to date.

Producer/Director: Ian Roche

Stuart Battle at Pow Wow DC 2017 for AARP

An interview with Stuart Battle, retired surgeon, as he paints his first mural.

Producer/Director: Ian Roche

Who We Are | Premier Meat Company

A documentary style corporate video for Premier Meat Company, one of Los Angeles' top commercial meat purveyors.

Producer/Director: Ian Roche

Fresh, Never Frozen | Meat the Butchers

Web Commercial for start-up MeattheButchers.com 

Collaborated with CEO of MeattheButchers.com to create a web commercial to introduce consumers to their brand. 

Producer/Director:Ian Roche
Co-Director: Luke Hanlein

Holy Bones X DEBE (Taipei)

Meet DEBE, an up-and-coming street artist from Taipei, Taiwan.

POW! WOW! Washington D.C. 2016 Video

POW! WOW! is a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art. 

Originally founded in Hawaii, in 2015 POW! WOW! began traveling to other markets to spread the movement.

June 2016 marked the first POW! WOW! in Washington DC (My hometown) and a huge impact for street art in the DC area. 

The Mynabirds - Velveteen

Co-Director as part of LEAN



The Mynabirds - Hanged Man Live at Capitol Studios

Indie band The Mynabirds Live in the prolific Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. 

Full credits in video

Highsnobiety TV | James Jean at POW! WOW! Long Beach

Highsnobiety TV commissioned me to shoot this piece on James Jean in June 2015.

In it he discusses the idea of celebrity as an artist as well as his process for creating the immersive worlds that make up his body of work.


Matt Eaton and Tristan Eaton at Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015

Matt and Tristan Eaton, individual artists and brothers, collaborate on a mural for the first time ever at Pow Wow Hawaii 2015.

Artists sponsored by Montana Cans

Akut of Herakut At Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015

February 2015, I was invited to Honolulu for the Pow! Wow! Hawaii mural festival. In the true collaborative spirit of Pow! Wow! my task was simple. Capture some moments from the festival and post the videos afterwards. No rules and no pressure. Filming with my new friends in Hawaii was one of the most fulfilling and fun gigs I've ever had the fortune to be sent on.

Artist sponsored by Montana Cans

FIRE EYES by Natural Curiosity

FIRE EYES is a conceptual collaborative project between LEAN and Natural Curiosities, an art manufacturer here in Los Angeles.

When we first met with NC, our goal was simple. We wanted to create physical art, using nature as a medium. We wanted to create a stunning and dynamic visual piece that would capture the moment of creation in a way that the human eye couldn't. 

This video is the culmination of our efforts. 

Kelly Towles
Kelly Towles - The Death of Ulysses - Show Opens March 14, 2014 at Hierarchy Gallery DC
Kelly Towles - The Death of Ulysses - Show Opens March 14, 2014 at Hierarchy Gallery DC
TRACER (2014) Trailer

Co-Directed with Luke Hanlein as LEAN



Natural Curiosities by Christopher Wilcox

This video came to us from another director, who had initially hired just Luke to shoot this project. After some twists and turns, it ended up in our lap as raw footage to be turned into a video. In the end, this is what Luke and I came up with.

Natural Curiosities is an art manufacturer, based out of Echo Park in Los Angeles, CA. Headed up by Creative Director Christopher Wilcox, NC is a group of creative artisans who grant accessibility to the world of art and design through their hand-crafted pieces.