TRACER (Short Film - 2014) / by Ian Roche

TRACER (Short Film - 2014)

We finally released our film TRACER! This is the first project released by LEAN (My collaboration with cinematographer Luke Hanlein). It's been burning a hole in our pockets so to speak, so it's a great feeling to finally get it out there.

For this project, I served as a co-director, with Luke. This was a very grassroots projects and we both served as Producers, Writers, Cinematographers, Directors...everything but actors. 

Out little team was amazing and everyone worked for next to nothing (or nothing at all) and worked like maniacs none the less. 

Huge thanks to:

Christine Yuan and Gabriella Lynn for being wonderful actors.

Skylar Wilson (Asst. Camera) and Mikey Feser (Sound Recording) for coming out and helping us handle production side

Erik Magnus for sound design

Bradley W Johnson and Eli Woodhall for help with editing

Sean Harrington at Never-Not Co. in Richmond, VA for putting together a website for us. (